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How I Work


Home Closet Edit

This service begins with a complementary call to discuss your style, fit and price point. From there, we book an appointment for a "closet refresh” where I focus on curating looks from your closet, deciding what to keep, give away or sell. I then suggest items we can add to help build a cohesive wardrobe - easy for you to style and filled with pieces that work well together. 


This is a 2 hour minimum booking and an hourly fee.


Personal Shop

I offer three easy options for this service: I can do the shopping for you, picking out specific key pieces that we found were missing from your wardrobe. I bring the items to you and we can do a try on at your home, or we can meet and shop together. Another option is I can curate a selection of specific pieces based on our consultation and provide you with links to order/return the items yourself. And lastly, you have the option to meet in person, allowing me to assist you with packing for a trip, try ons with items you have purchased, or help with styling for an event.

This is an hourly fee.


Occasion Edit

This service focuses on outfits or accessories for specific events. Whether it’s an important meeting, your daughter’s sweet 16, prom, a school dance, graduation, birthday party or Bat Mitzvah, we can find the perfect outfit and accessories for you and/or your daughter. Similar to the Personal Shop, we can work in person at your home where I bring the clothing to you, we can go shopping together and I will pull selections prior to meeting, or this can all be done online or through zoom sending the items directly to your home.


This is an hourly fee.

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