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Baggy Pants Trend

The trend? Baggy Pants.

Before you think this is a trend for only young people hear me out! Jeans and sweats are usually the staple for my casual go to look, but I’ve lately embraced the comfortable, cool, versatile style of the baggy pant. It’s a much fresher and more current look to add to your wardrobe and literally comes in any price point. You definitely need to pair it with the top that is comfortable for your personal style and makes you feel cool and confident. Pairing them with a belt, button down and loafers is a great look or pairing them with a hoodie and baseball hat is perfectly fine as well! Sneakers, loafers, mules, flats, heels, anything goes with them! Treat them just as you would jeans and you can’t go wrong.

I recently did a try on in my stories of a new high end Italian brand Darkpark. These are an investment piece if you are loving this trend, as much as I am! If you want to just dip your toe in the style without a big commitment, try some amazing H&M and Zara options. Hold the sweats for a minute, put the jeans down for a day, and give the baggy pants trend a try. You are going to be hooked.


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